An In-Depth Look At DuckDuckGo

When you search on the internet without think about the search engine google, its normal. Normally, it is the search engine which dominates any kind of search results. Most of the people use google as the search engine to search for different questions on specific content. The google had provided many options in offering data to the users. It has built confidence and trust for many years. But still you can find many other search engines which are like google like DuckDuckgo which displays the same results as Google.

It is the search engine of web which has been rising with prominence. It also searches for the information to the users regarding on what they want actually. It has so many highlights which makes it more equivalent like the google search engine.

Learning different Features of DuckDuckGo Over Google

Let’s learn about various highlights of the search engine DuckDuckgo over the google.

Free with clutter and no ads:

When you compare the search results of both the duckduckgo and google. The searches of duckduckgo are free and also clear. The advertisements on google search engine are going on increasing in the recent days. This is thrusting the results of google. But on the other side duckduckgo is helpful you in all the ways.


The main benefit of using the search engine duckduckgo is the privacy policy it offers to the users. It will not share your personal data and no record of search is made on this search engine. It makes the information not to get traced back by anyone on the web.

On the other side, google will be looking at your search history and will be recording the searches created on its administration. Although you are not logged into google, it will still record all the information from your system’s IP. An average person does not care about this but if you think for a while it is dangerous and creepy. Based on the web search, you can know much about an individual.

Information of zero click:

The duckduckgo has a highlight of zero click info which summarizes your search outcomes. It offers you a right answer on the top of your search results and links. Most of the information is brought from the sites such as free dictionary, crunchbase, Wikipedia, and other assets.

The zero click info is utilized most of the time when you want to get meaning of some topic quickly. When you read the summary of zero click info, you are required to open a link in the page of search result.


This is the special highlight of the search engine duckduckgo which allows you in searching many of the popular sites. You will find it next to the button of search as there is a small arrow you can find where you can choose prominent sites. If the site you are looking for is not available then utilize the command like GT. Later you can go for searching the query in translating the text using google translate. You can find all the commands of this feature in duckduckgo page of bang.

One page displays everything:

Most of the times, about three out of ten times, an individual does not navigate to the 2nd page of the google search results. If the individual does not get what they are searching on the first page, immediately he turns to query of search. But on the other side duckduckgo do not have any page’s concept. Every search result is displayed on the list of duckduckgo search engine in only one page one after the other. When you scroll down then you see the results being displayed on only one same page of this search engine.

Thus, many of them think duckduckgo is the safe and secure search engine in offering results with accuracy and vastness. On the other side index and algorithm of google is superior as it makes it a complete switch compared with duckduckgo. However, the features of duckduckgo appeals to various users in keeping them handy as the secondary tool to search for different information.…